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Why Jeff Tikitau Real Estate is your best choice for selling real estate in the Cook Islands

Selling your property in the Cook Islands requires solid contacts and a database of eager buyers. At Jeff Tikitau Real Estate we can offer both, plus more…

Trusted real estate experts in the Cook Islands

With our extensive local market knowledge and expertise in the Cook Islands and international realty experience as licensed real estate agents in France, we stand out as leaders in providing high quality professional realty service with proven skills & expertise

Here are a few reasons why we are the trusted real estate experts in the Cook Islands. 


Our extensive local knowledge sets us apart from other real estate agents. We are very familiar with the complexities of our lease tenure, foreign investment criteria, and legal sale & purchase process and work closely with all local solicitors.

We also have our pulse on the local market because we are the largest real estate agency on Rarotonga working with buyers and sellers and landowners every day. 

Because we live and work in Rarotonga, this puts us in the best position to appraise property on both comparative market and capital value levels. We also have extensive local knowledge and can share personal insight into property matters with prospective buyers and sellers.

Born and raised on Rarotonga, Jeff is of Cook Islands/Tahitian ancestry and is a descendent from the families of the royal dynasties of both Cook Islands and French Polynesia. Jeff has rich local knowledge of his homeland and is passionate about the Cook Islands and Polynesian culture.

Having moved around the South Pacific and more recently from France for over 15+ years, Jeff and Natalie know first-hand what is involved in the relocation process.

We are more than real estate agents and investment brokers.  Our sister company Jeff Tikitau Elite Management is a team made up of expert professionals that can assist investors and prospective buyers in many various ways. 

We work closely with the Business Trade & Investment Board and offer a one-stop-shop professional service in facilitating applications to the Business Trade & Investment Board on behalf of foreign investors, and filing all of the necessary paperwork to the various other Government departments and agencies.  

We also offer expert investment advice, feasibility studies, development and project management services, project budgets, cost plans, cost management, architectural design, branding and digital marketing, and residential & commercial property management.

Because we are a local Cook Islands company, we have strong links in the local Cook Islands community, and strong brand awareness – all to your advantage.

Jeff is a landowner himself and works closely with all landowners. His family heritage runs deep and extends to many families living here.

Jeff is also extremely well-connected in the business community, and we work closely with reputable solicitors, accountants, builders, surveyors and valuers who can assist & offer priority service to both buyers in completing their full due diligence, and sellers as needed.

These strong links can make all the difference when it comes to dealings with our Cook Island landowners, property owners and local business community, whether in English or in Cook Islands Maori. Jeff speaks both languages, along with French, having spent many years living in Rarotonga and abroad.

We are the only real estate agency with an in-house marketing support team and sales office in the Cook Islands. Our high-visibility office is located directly opposite Rarotonga Airport and receives a continuous flow of foot-traffic daily. 

Our support team works diligently behind the scenes using the latest technology and is dedicated to getting you the best possible results. In addition, we have in-house experts as part of our team to assist you in valuing your property or business, and recommend the best strategy for you.

Being based in Rarotonga puts us in the perfect position to present your property to buyers and conduct viewings either in person or virtually. We are familiar with all nearby amenities such as reputable schools, convenience stores and landmarks as well as the local history of the area and district.

We can also share first-hand information on matters such as schooling for the children, health care, local community groups, shipping, and pet care, and have dedicated staff on hand to assist with filing any necessary paperwork with government departments and private agencies to ensure a seamless transition.

Our international realty experience differentiates us from other real estate agents. Having worked in the European real estate industry, we have a strong network of connections throughout Europe and have global marketing reach to buyers on a large international scale.

We are also heavily connected to French Polynesia as well as Australia and New Zealand, and have access to the same listing portals, EDMs, and privileges as other international agents.

We have built an extensive and solid database of qualified buyers-in-waiting for the Cook Islands and use the latest digital systems that allow us to keep in touch and look after our clients. The majority of our listings have been sold to Cook Islanders living locally & overseas with the minority to overseas foreign investors.

Having past professional realty experience in Europe under the French National Real Estate Federation means that we are accustomed to working to a high level of professionalism and high code of ethics, as the below past client testimonials prove. Without exception, our first and most important task is to get to know our clients to truly understand what it is they are looking for. We appreciate that each and every client has a different and unique set of requirements and this is what sets us apart from our competitors, we take the time to listen. In addition, we appreciate that buying a property can be a stressful process and that before completing a purchase a comprehensive due diligence needs to be completed.

We work with reputable professionals who can assist with all aspects of the legal and technical due diligence of a property purchase.

Communication, trust, and transparency are paramount to our success in making your dreams comes true.

Because we are passionate about real estate, our dynamic team is enthusiastic about the work we do and has an energetic professional approach to creating the very best results.

We are fresh and innovative in our marketing, and have succeeded in selling properties in the Cook Islands which had been previously listed on the market for a number of years prior to the vendor engaging in our services.

You will not pay agency commission fees until your property or business becomes unconditional or is sold. This makes us work harder than other agents.

Our commissionable rate is in line with the standard commission charged in the Cook Islands and is applied to the agreed purchase price of a sale.

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Our focus is to create the very best results for our clients through our innovative and energetic professional approach.